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Found! The Mad Max Interceptor

Every once in a while you hear of a truly famous car found in a barn or a junkyard and the original 1973 Australian Ford Falcon interceptor from the Mad Max movies is one such find. In the seventies and ‘80s movie props that have now become iconic for the era were discarded after filming and the Interceptor was one such story, being sent to the junkyard after filming of The Road Warrior. People often wondered what happened to this car before it was rediscovered in an Australian junkyard. Was the one car used in the movie destroyed in the Road Warrior?

There were two Interceptors used in 1981’s The Road Warrior. The first was the original car from Mad Max which was used for filming Mel Gibson behind the wheel and for close up shots. The second was a stunt car built exclusively for The Road Warrior. It was the latter car that was destroyed in the movie.

After filming the original car was sold for scrap to the a metal recycling yard in Broken Hill where it sat for three years. The scrap yard owner just couldn’t bear to recycle it and many other destroyed wrecks from the movie so they were kept. Eventually it as spotted by was spotted by Bob Fursenko who purchased and restored the Interceptor.

The 1973 Ford Falcon was a car unique to Australia, not having been sold in any other markets. Debates raged on in America as to what the car may have been: was it a modified Chevelle, a Nova, or maybe a custom Mustang? In the days before the internet and social media one could only hope a magazine article would be written telling you of this unique car and its Australian history. The Interceptor is based on a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT model. Max’s yellow pursuit car is also a Ford Falcon XB in its four-door sedan configuration. The car the Nightrider drove was a 1972 Holden HQ Monaro. Holden, a GM subsidiary in Australia, later supplied cars to the US as the Pontiac GTO in 2004.

Through the generosity of Michael Dezer this car is displayed in the Miami Auto Museum, the Dezer collection along with a number of other authentic movie cars like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, an original Knight Rider KITT car, Batmobiles, James Bond cars, and a Magnum Pi Ferrari.

This is where you can see it today. For more information on the extraordinary history of this one of a kind car check out Mad Max

See the Interceptor at

Miami Auto Museum, The Dezer Collection
2000 NE 146th Street
North Miami, FL 33181
Open Daily 10am to 6pm
Telephone: (305) 354-7680
We are introduced to the last of the V8 Interceptors in 1979's Mad Max
Max drove the Interceptor with stunts never seen before.
After filming the Interceptor was displayed around Melbourne.
The Interceptor returned for The Road Warrior
The Interceptor takes some damage in Road Warrior
A second Interceptor was used as the stunt car and was destroyed in the movie.
After filming the Interceptor was sent to the scrap yard where it sat.
Due to the scrap yard owners foresight the Interceptor was found and restored.

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